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Vegan Organic Shop

100% Vegan Mock-meats

  • Vegusto sausage with marjoram or onion (2x115g) (Switzerland brand)
  • Vegusto Schnitzel Nature (2x80g) (Switzerland brand)
  • Vegusto Schnitzel Paprika (2x80g) (Switzerland brand)

 Condiments & Seasoning

  • Plamil organic eggless-mayonnaise (315g)
  • Tartex pâté (125g)

Snacks & Delicacies

  • Plamil organic chocolate spread (315g)
  • La Borie organic chocolate bread (250g) (France)
  • La Borie organic croissant (250g) (France)
  • Bonvita chocolate rice milk or coffee (100g)
  • Plamil white chocolate (100g)
  • Bonvita chocolate nouggy or coconut bar (40g)

Dietary supplements

  • Veg1 Vegan multi-vitamin supplements (iodine, vitamin D, B2, B6, B9, B12) (90 tablets)
  • Veganicity Vegan B12 vitamin supplements (90 tablets)

Vegan/Vegetarian Books

  • "Desserts gourmands sans oeufs ni lait" Marie Laforêt, Éditions La Plage, 2012, 107p.
  • "100% végétal et gourmand" Marie Laforêt, Éditions Alternatives, 2012, 111 p.
  • "Cuisine vivante pour une santé optimale," Dr. Anna Maria Clement and Kelly Serbonich, Biovie Publishing, 2009, 140 p.
  • "Becoming Vegan" by Brenda Davis and Vesanto Melina, Book Publishing Co., 281 p.


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TVP (Textured Vegan Protein) frozen

  • Loving Hut Sunshine Log (1000g) (Taiwan brand)
  • Loving Hut Golden Nuggets (600g) (Taiwan brand)
  • Veg. Beef Slice Gourmet's Vegi. (300g) (Taiwan) 

100% Vegan Cheese (dairy-free, egg-free)

  • Vegusto Cheese Classic, Herbs, Walnuts, Mildly Aromatic, Piquant (200g) (Switzerland brand)
  • Vegusto Melty Cheese (2x200g) (Switzerland brand)
  • Creamy Sheese Cheese Spread (255g) (Great Britain brand):